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  • Course Title

    GHSE-004: Defensive Driving

  • Who should Attend

    • All personnel that drive a personal or company car
  • Course Objectives

    The Defensive driving course is designed to provide tips for handling what you can control: yourself and your vehicle. The course provides you with guide everyday driving conditions you cannot control: Weather, light, traffic, roads and other drivers. This course will cultivate the habits which can make difference between life and death, health and injury.

  • Course Content

    • Introduction to defensive driving
    • What are the driving risks
    • Three step DDC collision prevention formula
    • Occupant protection system
    • What is impaired driving
    • What physical condition affects driving
    • What mental condition affects driving
    • Distracted driving
    • Taking control of aggressive driving
    • Condition beyond your control
    • Safe driving distance
    • Avoid head on collision
    • Seven habits of defensive driving
  • Course Duration & Delivery Mode

    2 day (12hr). Class Room Tutorials. Case Studies. Practical Exercises.