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QHSE (Quality Health Safety Social Security Environment) Management Systems context

Organizations exist to provide products or services to certain customers. Most importantly, these products and services must meet certain quality requirements set by the customers. The products and services are being produced or organized by human resource-whose safety and wellbeing is both a moral and legal obligation of the organization. In addition, the organization operates in an environment that is regulated by the government, local authorities who expect the organization to comply with tax and other ethical business laws. Furthermore, the local and international community (including NGOs) members are constantly checking whether what the organization is doing may have a negative impact on shared natural resources such as Water, Air, Land and Cultural Heritage…

But then also, there is the Media whose power to reach millions of people shouldn’t be underestimated by any organization.

Therefore organizations must put in place means to ensure that all the above obligations and expectations are adequately met.

QHSE Management System

A QHSE Management System is a documented and systematic framework through which an organization meets the QHSE obligations and expectations set by itself and those of its various stakeholders. It includes Policies, Procedures, Plans, and Records, describing how the organization employs its resources/assets (Human Capital, Financial Assets, Plant and Machinery, Buildings, Computer Systems,…) in order to comply with QHSE obligations.

Benefits of a QHSE Management System

  • Improves efficiency by defining value adding business processes and focusing resources on these.
  • Improves organization reputation and profitability by defining and meeting customer and stakeholder requirements
  • By identifying applicable laws, there is improved legal compliance, and avoidance of unnecessary fines from authorities.

What about ISO?

The International Organization for Standards (ISO), is an international body that develops Standards, against which Management Systems can be audited- and if found meeting the requirements of the standard, the Management System is certified. “ISO Certified” is therefore a statement to indicate that an Organization’s Management System, meets the requirements of that particular standard.

Common standards are

  • ISO 9001:2015- Quality Management System Standard
  • ISO14001:2015- Environment Management System Standard
  • ISO 45001:2018- Occupational Safety Management System Standard
  • ISO 22000:2018- Food Safety Management System Standard

Our role in your QHSEMS process

Glauben helps your organization to:

  • conduct a gap analysis of your organization’s operations in line with QHSEMs
  • Then with your organization management, we define a scope of your operations, and build a QHSE management system in line with your scope.
  • We then train your staff to independently manage the QHSE Management Systems.
  • We help you to organize for Third-party Audits by Certification bodies e.g. ISO
  • We also provide mentoring and coaching assistance- where we from time to time visit your organization to “audit” how well you are implementing your system.